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    The forums are a great way to communicate with everyone from the server. You can ask questions, apply for staff, see the latest updates, add friends and much, much more!

    Forum Rules

    Of course, as on any other forum or server, you have to follow some rules too. You can find these rules on the forum itself:


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    If the button does not work, click this link: http://ezeria.gamerlaunch.com/

  • The Staff Team

    These are the highest, most trusted staff members on the team.

    These members all have OP, so will be able to help you out with everything!


    Server Owner/Developer






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  • Test

    Brand New Store!

    Be sure to check out the store for ranks, perks, keys and much more!

    Bonus: If you buy "Veteran" rank you get "Immortal" rank for free! (Ask Admin+)

  • Staff Applications

    If you wish to apply for Staff, please fill out the following

    form here.

    The more information you give, the more chance on getting accepted!

    NOTE: If you put highly offensive text in the application you shall be temp-banned!

    NOTE: You MUST apply in ENGLISH, Any other language will get you denied!


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